The iBreastExam can be used for early breast cancer detection. It is a hand-held device that allows for a painless and radiation-free breast examination. It is operable by a primary care provider or nurse. It is ultra-portable and battery-powered. It also allows for instant results at the point of care.


Breast lesions are stiffer than normal breast tissue. The 648 Dynamic Co-Planar Capacitive (DCPC) sensors on the device measure tissue elasticity 20 times per second. The iBreastExam App reports stiff breast lesions in real-time and non-invasively.


Many women have no access to breast exams due to high costs and a lack of trained radiologists. iBreastExam triages women with abnormalities who need a follow-up to use existing resources more effectively. 


Clinical breast examinations are not documented, tracked over time, or linked to a patient’s EMR (electronic medical record). iBreastExam creates reports with replays of the exams, which can be shared with specialists and patients.


Women with dense breasts and women below the age of 40 years have limited options when it comes to breast examinations. iBreastExam’s DCPC sensors detect abnormalities independent of breast density or age. 

Closing The Gap In Breast Healthcare